What We're Up To

We're on a mission to ignite women in being authentic and expressing their uniqueness. That said, our patented waistband and exclusive prints with unparalleled textures are the ultimate style upgrade. Now offering size XL.

As Amazing As You Are

Whether you like to lounge or prefer a light vinyasa, you'll be able to flow easily from life to leisure without restriction. Using Sensil’s premium fabric with Lycra sport technology fiber to support your every pose or prance with superior recovery design to prevent lost shape and strength. Sensil's fabric technology wicks up to 3x faster than other fibers, keeping you cool, dry and oh so comfy.

Why Organic Cotton Matters

While being non-toxic and pesticide-free with zero microfiber pollution, organic cotton produces 71% less water and 68% less energy than regular cotton. Mind officially blown.

Our exclusive Organic Cotton Collection includes irresistibly soft tanks that are beyond comfortable. In other words, too good to pass up.